Decorating Cakes for Newbies

This is a Cake Decorating 101 Story

If you’re a creative person and looking for a fun and rewarding hobby, or possibly a new career, cake decorating may be just what you’re looking for. Cake decorating runs the gamut from extremely easy to extremely difficult. Some techniques can take some practice to master and most require specialize cake decorating supplies, tools and equipment. The first thing a novice cake decorator needs to get is knowledge. A trip to your local library or bookstore will reveal dozens of books and videos on how to decorate. Or just get online where you can find thousands of resources for everyone from beginners to experts, you can find articles, pictures and videos. You can also find sources for supplies, tools and equipment.

When you have some basic designs in mind, jump in and start experimenting. Start out with simple, easy to do designs and work up from there. Don’t worry about making mistakes, you can eat those too! Next thing is to pick up some cake decorating supplies. Again any resource will tell you the essential equipment to get started. You need some cake pans and frosting tips, as well as a few baking implements, at a bare minimum. No need to spend a fortune, but decent quality pays off in the long run. Just about any department store will have these.

Now you’re all set and the only thing you need to do is practice. But be forewarned, once your friends and neighbors find out you can bake and decorate, they’ll constantly want you to make cakes for them. But that’s just part of the fun of cake decorating.


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